Friday, February 26, 2010


THE PHOTOGRAPHY POST is a single site that connects you to a edited live feed of photo blogs. Editors Kate Steciw and Rachel Hulin have done an amazing job on compiling some of the most influential and current blogs out there and are updating them every 15 minutes. Take a look around HERE.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amy Jean : Whitefish, MT

I was fortunate enough to photograph local musician, Amy Jean Burdo, in her home. Amy is originally from Northern Michigan, and has the most honest and kind soul I've heard in a long time. Listen in here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the property : Edgewood, MT

This was my first day in Montana. Edgewood is no more then a few miles out of downtown Whitefish. This is the property I mentioned earlier where these kids live, work, grow and then sell fresh produce and raw concoctions in the local farmer's markets. The property is blanketed with snow in the winter of course, but it was still beautiful to go out and see. Wes and Shane keep themselves busy in the winter as chefs at a new vegan cafe in town called The Green Tea House

drinking fountain



wes and emily



walkin' out

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dan+ Lou+ Verona : Kalispell, MT

It is nice to see children being raised in unconventional homes, with dreamy kids for parents. I have a bit more hope for those being brought up in conscience reality in the outdoors then those who are tucked away in fabricated Costco havens. Here are a few images of Dan and Lou's new home in Kalispell. I've known Dan for years and met Lou separately while she was touring through Santa Barbara in 2006. Creative minds in a beautiful space. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is one of my best friends Emily Simonson. We were room mates in Santa Barbara while I was going to school, she has since moved home to Whitefish, Montana where she runs a raw food catering business with two of her good friends. In the summer, the three of them live out on a property in Edgewood where they plant, harvest, and sell their own produce. Emily is incredibly talented and one of the most lovely people I know. These images were taken at her house in downtown Whitefish last month.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

polebridge, montana

I was in Montana for nearly 2 weeks, while I was there we visited a few different places. I'm going to break up the locations just because I heart each one so very much. The project series I will be doing in ski communities will be highlighting individuals that have sought out more sustainable, unconventional ways of living within their existing location. I hope by photographing these individuals in their environments it will create another avenue for moving forward with a much more positive living standard.

We traded a 12 pack of Red Stripe for a few sets of snow shoes, stocked all the goods in the car, and headed out.

No running water, propane was out, but we had wine, food, firewood and skillz , and that my friend, is all ya need. Here are a few to feast your eyes upon.

cabin for three

em writin' in the book


fresh snow!

In the summer this place is poppin'. Only bar within hours.

Someone calls this home. Simple and beautiful.

Polebridge mercantile + bakery - yum yum

The third amigo was Jeffrey Calder who is an rubik cube of a friend, but a hell of a lot better looking and you can't fit him in a pocket. He has an encyclopedia brain with a mean draw on the holga. He's one of my favorite. Take a peek.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

tahoe with the city boys

shitty snow = lots o' hot tatties + random adventures. success.

killin' it. 

my new boat. 

... not really, but how awesome would that be?

coozies for the water crafts

my favorite beach.



These photos were taken in South and North Lake Tahoe in December or January.

wait for it.... Montana pics are a comin'

J stop with a view- best friends are really the best

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

if you're looking for something this Saturday night... check it

info here

in the family

This is my niece Allyssa. I started photographing her when I was in school and continue to do so, documenting the passing years with her drastic youthful changes. 

These images were shot in Cameron Park last month. Allyssa is 10. 

... open wide